It’s looking good for the independents, says Nicole Dickenson, as they expand into Eastern Europe and consolidate their operations.

It’s looking good for the independents, says Nicole Dickenson, as

they expand into Eastern Europe and consolidate their operations.

The good news for independent agency networks is that most had a better

year in Europe in 1996 than the year before. The bad news is that the

increase in billings was less a result of new business than of an

expansion of the networks. Eastern Europe and Scandinavia were the

regions where independent networks were keen to add partners and still


The MAPP network has expanded into Finland, Norway and Hungary over the

past 18 months and is looking to recruit new agencies in Romania and the

Baltic countries, while ICP is debating exactly what strategy to adopt

for Eastern Europe. ’We ran some campaigns from London in Hungary,

Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia for the satellite

company, Multichoice, last year. These markets are opening up and

attracting big international brands. We may decide that having agencies

there is the best way to run campaigns,’ says the chairman of Duckworth

Finn Grubb Waters, Gary Duckworth.

IFAA was atypical in that its massive increase in billings largely came

from signing up new partners in the UK and Spain - as well as


The independent networks are still struggling to expand beyond their

typical international client profile of the medium-sized company that is

doing rather well in one country and wants to expand abroad.

MAPP believes the way to develop new business across the network -

rather than just between a couple of agencies - is to target American

companies that find Europe a nightmare. ’Europe is a dark continent for

some US companies. They tend not to think as globally because of all the

different languages. We are approaching American companies and offering

them the capability, across Europe, of anything from campaign handling

to research,’ says the new-business co-ordinator for the MAPP network,

HRO’C’s Ian West.

Elan has already landed some big American accounts, including

pan-European appointments from Harley-Davidson and General Motors

earlier this year.

The US could also provide rich pickings for other independent


According to Hugh Burkitt, chairman of Court Burkitt, an unnamed US

group of agencies is reportedly trying to strike an alliance with an

independent agency network in Europe. Alto also sees Japan as another

potential area - the network recently worked with Hakuhodo in pitching

for Honda Europe.

MAPP is also focusing on below-the-line in its drive for new


’A lot of companies are looking to mount pan-European promotional

campaigns - a single concept adapted to meet the culture and laws of

each country.

Large multinational agency networks still use independent networks for

sales promotion because you have to be more tactical with them,’ West


Tim Coton, director of business development at Arc Advertising, which

belongs to the network, Worldwide Partners, views integration as crucial

to maintaining profits. ’Ad agencies can’t make the margins that they

once could purely from advertising, because commission rates are so


The sell is now integration ... and that’s becoming more and more

important on an international basis,’ he observes.

Major independent agency networks operating in Europe

Rank  Agency                                                    Billings

                                                             (dollars m)

                                                           1996     1995

1     Worldwide Partners Europe                             444      464

      AGENCIES:UK - Arc Advertising (88.8m), Levy McCallum

      Advertising Agency (13.8m); Denmark - Berg Reklame

      & Marketing (5.8m); Finland - Markkinointi Viherjuuri

      Oy (106.3m); France - Resonnances & Cie (31.8m);

      Germany - Wachter & Wachter Munchen (51.2m); Greece

      - Alector (13.5m); Hungary - hat (4.4m); Iceland -

      Hvita Husid (6.7m); Italy - SS&C (6.3m); Netherlands

      - Normad & Blend Communicatie (38.2m); Norway - Take-Off

      Reklamebyra (5.5m); Poland - tj partner (36m); Spain -

      Publinsa (3.9m); Sweden - Rabalder Annonsbyra (6.2m);

      Switzerland - Metzger Lehner Briccola (26.6m)

      CLIENTS: Lucas Varity, Neste Oy, Rockport Shoes, Royal

      Brunei Airlines, Ytong

2     IFAA (International Federation of Advertising

      Agencies)                                             436      343

      AGENCIES: UK - Smee’s Advertising (15.8m); Barker

      & Ralston Advertising (45m); Austria - Becker

      Werbeagentur (2.6m); Belgium - Fast (46.6m); Bulgaria

      - Deconi Marketing and Advertising(0.7m); Denmark

      - Edeberg Reklamebureau (31.5m); Finland - Vera Oy

      (20.1m); France - Dassas Group(64m), KRBO (12.4m);

      Germany - B/W Werbeagenntur (80m); Hungary - JMM

      Dassas(0.8m); Ireland - O’Connor O’Sullivan (15.6m);

      Italy - Materia Advertising (60.2m); Netherlands -

      WPC (1.8m); Poland - Esc SP ZOO (9m); Spain - Veinte

      Segundos(7m); Sweden - Brunkell & Stromberg

      Annosbyra (8m); Switzerland - Change Factory (12.8m)

      CLIENTS: Case Equipment, Imation, La Coste, Peugeot, 3M

3     Elan                                                  400      400

      AGENCIES: UK - BDDH (115m); France - Siez La

      Fouchardiere Cohen Liscia (15m); Germany - Buhler &

      Partners (110m); Italy - Max Infomation (84m);

      Netherlands - BvH (53m); Spain - SCACS (24m)

      CLIENTS: De Longhi, General Motors, Harley-Davidson

      Europe, Motorola

4     Alto                                                  307      287

      AGENCIES: UK- Court Burkitt & Co (55m); Belgium -

      Unlimited (21m); France - BCRC (47m); Germany - Ernst

      and Partners (45m); Italy - Alberto Cremona (22m);

      Netherlands - ARVH (24m); Spain - Lorente (52m);

      Sweden - Wildell (41m) Clients: Seita, Safilo,EC,


5     IN (Independent Network)                              283      238

      AGENCIES: UK - Senior King (17m); Austria - Reichl &

      Partner (26.5m); Belgium - Obliged To See (10m);

      Czech Republic - Mertis Pro (12m); Denmark -

      Andersson & Partner (5.2m); France - Ateliers ABC

      (47m); Germany - Die Crew (43.2m); Greece - Teleia

      (5m); Ireland - Focus (3.8m); Italy - Catullo &

      Sylwan (23m); Netherlands - Normad & Blend (34.4m);

      Norway - Dahl & Kompani (4.3m); Poland - ABK (10.5m);

      Portugal - BIL (3.6m); Spain - BIS (8m); Sweden -

      Bridge (9m); Switzerland - Publipartner (6m), Werner

      Schaeppl (10.5m); Turkey - Admar (4m)

      CLIENTS: Baume & Mercier, Bausch & Lomb/Reva, Bouget,

      Carrera Optyl, Cartier, Iveco, Queens Moat Houses

6     ICP (Independent Creative Partners)                   276      265

      AGENCIES: UK - Duckworth Finn Grubb Waters (58m);

      France - Jean & Montmarin (69m); Germany - Jung Von

      Matt (110m); Italy - Lando Nardi (18m); Netherlands -

      BSUR (10.5m); Spain - Pongiluppi & Guimaraes


      CLIENTS: Toshiba

7     MAPP (Marketing and Advertising Promotional Partners) 247      208

      AGENCIES: UK - Module Communications (18.7m), HRO’C

      Group (18.2m); Austria - Brandstetter & Felder

      (5.8m); Belgium - De Kie Communication (15.8m);

      Finland - Impressionist (2.5m); France - Noveau Monde

      (78m); Germany - Agenta Werbeagentur (34.6m), Martin

      TW Hochleitner (1.9m); Hungary - T Mark (2.5m); Italy

      - Fortuzzi (5.2m); Poland - Ideapiu (14m); Spain - La

      Banda (47m); Sweden - Hultquist (3.1m)

      CLIENTS: National Basketball Association, One For

      All, Dynastar, Babolat, Degre 7, Candia, Distriborg

8     E3                                                    220      190

      AGENCIES: UK - Dowell (13m), Hyde Arc Communications

      (8m); Austria - Schrangl (5m); Belgium - Leeward &

      Windward (5m); Czech Republic - Head (1m); Finland -

      Focus (11m); Germany - BMS (12m); Pragma (20m), RTS

      (50m), Sander (20m); Hungary - Folio (2m); Italy -

      Conzepta (7m), Italmarco (3m); Netherlands - HGFV

      (20m); Spain - Extension Creativa (5m); Sweden -

      Agvald (30m), Dana (8m)

      CLIENTS: Not supplied

9     Confrad International                                 181      184

      AGENCIES: UK - CIB (12.8m); Austria - Contra

      Werbegesellschaft (2.9m); Belgium - CAT (10m); Czech

      Republic - Rapid (5m); Denmark - SCAN-AD Gruppen

      (57m); Finland - Mainoskentta Oy (5.6m); France -

      Kisler Le Forestier (6.1m); Germany - Fritz Haussman

      Kommunikations (9.1m); Greece - Interpress (1.3m);

      Hungary - Mahir (7.5m); Italy - Favali and Goodwill

      (6.6m); Netherlands - Santegoeds en Timmerhuis (15m);

      Norway - Rostra Reklamebyra (4.1m); Portugal - Piano

      Publicidade (3.5m); Spain - VR Equipo (4.8m); Sweden

      - ScanPartners Sverige (2m); Turkey - Grafika


      CLIENTS: Not supplied

10    EMCO (European Marketing Communications Organisation) 170      156

      AGENCIES: UK - The Square (26.6m); Austria - Conquest

      (11.2m); Belgium - MotuNui (11m); Denmark - COMMERCE

      (9.1m); Finland - Snell Louhivuori Tallqvist (5.1m);

      France - Traverse (8.3m); Germany - TW Plus (35m),

      Liebmann Muller & Partner (6.5m); Italy - CLAC (13m);

      Netherlands - Hemmen & Solarz (15.9m), Jenster en

      Schriel (4.9m); Spain - Q&A (6.8m); Sweden -

      Generator (11m); Switzerland - Scminke Gabriel & Team


      CLIENTS: Not supplied


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