TOP TRACKS: Jan Sport - Doe

Mike is the MD and producer of Mcasso Music, based in Carnaby St., Soho. He has written the music for hundreds of ads worldwide, from the Renault London theme, now in its 20th year, to "Shine As One", the song behind the current Touchstone Energy National TV campaigns in the States. He's a big Chelsea fan and wrote "Blue Day" for Suggs. Currently working on the next Chelsea song - for when they bring home the European Cup!

"Well I must admit it took a while to find this killer track, but way across the Atlantic there it was, on a 45 spot for JanSport. Everyone knows this Rodgers & Hammerstein classic but not with an arrangement as cool as this. It starts up reminiscent of the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" and then eases into a weird Eels meets Beatles feel, using a haunting, drifting female vocal. The lyrics skilfully overlap out of rhythm, helping to tell this simple but effective "love at first sight" story... selling a rucksack or two on the way! Love it!"

Product/client: JanSport

Agency: DDB Seattle

1008 Western Avenue

Suite 601

Seattle WA 98104


T: +1 206 442 9900

F: +1 206 223 6309

Creative Director: Fred Hammerquist

Agency Producer: Niki Polyocan

Art Director: Monica Taylor

Writer: Beth Ryan

Production company: Naked Project

New York


Director: Anthony Atansio

Producer: Sergio Gullco

Director of Photography: Jess Hall

Post-production company: Riot

702 Arizona Avenue

Santa Monica 90401


T: +1 310 656 7663

F: +1 310 656 7699

Editor: Hal Honigsberg; Chrome

Music: tomandandy; Bicoastal

Sound: Design.