TOP TRACKS: Siemens - Picture

After 6 years of producing and licensing music for commercials, Barrie Williams joined Songseekers Group this spring. As one of the Licensing Directors on the aptly titled Licensing Desk, he is working with a host of clients drawn from ad agencies, production companies, and major brands themselves.

"Floating tantalisingly against a none-more-white background, Siemens' new SL55 mobile looks like a fine piece of design. This isn't quite an iMac commercial - no VO from Jeff Goldblum, for starters - but it's pretty compelling all the same. Why? My money's on the hypnotic piano track. Chiming with a simplicity reminiscent of Satie at his most enigmatic, the sparse notes are subtly treated with delicious slivers of reverse reverb. Even a Nokia-devotee like me has to admit that if the SL55 came with this gorgeous soundtrack as a ringtone, I'd be sold."

Product/client: Siemens

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

PO Box 2145

1000 CC Amsterdam


T: +31 20 621 3100

F: +31 20 621 3299


Agency Producer: Neil Henry

Creative Team: Carlos Bayala

Production company: Artcore B.V.

Kiezersgracht 514

1017 EJ Amsterdam


T: +31 20 531 8282

F: +31 20 531 8280


Director: Carlos Bayala

Producer: Stephanie Rietkerk

Post-production company: Valkieser Capital Images

van Marwijk

Kooijstraat 15

1096 BR Amsterdam


T: +31 20 460 4604

F: +31 20 460 4605

Music: Meditation 2; Sebastien Escofet

Sound Design: Rowan; Scramble