McDonald’s came top in TV and radio, while Smirnoff was first for cinema

McDonald’s came top in TV and radio, while Smirnoff was first for cinema 1

Once the preserve of spirits brands, fashion-led products and other

sectors are now making a good showing in cinema - notably Levi’s, Sky,

Boots No. 17 and BT. Bacardi, which has been at number one for the past

two years, spent nearly 60 per cent less than in 1994 - because of the

easing of TV regulations and the launch of its new Bacardi Breeze brand.

Guinness and De Beers have also disappeared from the table.

Coca-Cola... a new entry at no. 4

Smirnoff upped its spend by 37 per cent and topped the table as a

result. But new rules allowing spirits and pools advertisers to use TV

may see Smirnoff and Littlewoods shifting their budgets into other

media. Still, as this table shows, dependence on tobacco ads is falling,

and financial advertisers like Direct Line are all new to the top ten. 9

Curry’s has maintained its number one position, while the mail-order

client, Franklin Mint, continued its ascent up the table to number two.

Last year’s number eight, Texas Homecare, and number ten, BT Call

Stimulation, respectively, disappear from the table to be replaced by

Safeway and Sainsbury’s, illustrating that the fight for supermarket

supremacy is now as much in the national and regional press as it is on


McDonald’ 1

After McDonald’s, which retains its first position, the radio ranking

shows considerable year-on-year movement, featuring only four of the

1994 top ten.

Coca-Cola, the National Lottery, Renault Clio and Sky are all new to

radio. Sky in particular has used it as a tactical medium. The combined

spend for this year’s top ten was pounds 20 million, compared with

pounds 13.2 million last year.


The 1995 chart for TV brand activity shows little movement in the top

four places, with the rest of the positions, apart from Ford Car Dealer

Support, occupied by new entries. The rivalry between retailers has

become more heated with the entry of Boots and Asda at number six and

seven, respectively, while the table reveals that 1994’s soap war

between Ariel Ultra and Persil Power has calmed down, with both brands

dropping out of the top ten ranking.


Top 10 cinema brands (part one)


Rank   Brand              Creative or                   Media buyer

95 94                     full-service agency           (if different)

 1  3  Smirnoff Vodka     Lowe Howard-Spink

 2  2  Levi’s 501s        Bartle Bogle Hegarty          Motive

 3     Sky Broadcasting   Duckworth Finn Grubb Waters   Zenith Media

 4     Boots No. 17       St Luke’s                     BMP DDB

 5  1  Bacardi Rum        McCann-Erickson               Universal McCann

 6     BT Payphones       Simons Palmer                 IDK Media

 7     Foster’s Ice Beer  BMP DDB                       The Media Centre

 8  4  Southern Comfort   Burkitt Edwards Martin

 9     Kronenbourg 1664   Young and Rubicam             The Media Centre

10     Haagen-Dazs        Bartle Bogle Hegarty          Motive

       Ice Cream



Top 10 cinema brands (part two)


Rank   Brand                      Spend 95     Spend 94    %change

95 94                            (pounds m)   (pounds m)    94/95

 1  3  Smirnoff Vodka               2.55          1.72      48.46

 2  2  Levi’s 501s                  2.10          2.21      -5.28

 3     Sky Broadcasting             1.60          6.96     127.71

 4     Boots No. 17                 1.55

 5  1  Bacardi Rum                  1.50          3.68     -59.17

 6     BT Payphones                 1.49

 7     Foster’s Ice Beer            1.47

 8  4  Southern Comfort             1.47          1.38       6.37

 9     Kronenbourg 1664             1.13

10     Haagen- Dazs Ice Cream       1.08



Top 10 outdoor brands (part one)


Rank   Brand                  Creative or          Media buyer

95 94                         full-service agency  (if different)

 1  5  Smirnoff Vodka         Lowe Howard-Spink

 2     Littlewoods Football   Lowe Howard-Spink


 3     Royal Insurance        Arc Advertising      Media Factor

 4     Coca-Cola              Publicis             Universal McCann

 5  7  McDonald’s             Leo Burnett

 6     Honda Civic            Collett Dickenson    CDP Media Company


 7     Direct Line Insurance  TBWA                 Media Business Group

 8  2  BT Call Stimulation    Abbott Mead Vickers  Zenith Media


 9  3  Bacardi Rum            McCann-Erickson      Universal McCann

10     Abbey Nat Financial    Barker and Ralston   TMD Carat




Top 10 outdoor brands (part two)


Rank   Brand                           Spend 95     Spend 94    %change

95 94                                 (pounds m)   (pounds m)    94/95

 1  5  Smirnoff Vodka                     3.44         2.51     37.312

 2     Littlewoods Football Pools         3.10         6.81     -54.50

 3     Royal Insurance                    3.06

 4     Coca-Cola                          2.97

 5  7  McDonald’s                         2.78         2.41      15.52

 6     Honda Civic                        2.71

 7     Direct Line Insurance              2.65

 8  2  BT Call Stimulation                2.47         5.85     -57.85

 9  3  Bacardi Rum                        2.39         3.97     -39.77

10     Abbey Nat Financial Services       2.39         1.96      22.02



Top 10 press brands (part one)


Rank   Brand                Creative or           Media buyer

95 94                       full-service agency   (if different)

 1  1  Curry’s              M&C  Saatchi          The Media Centre

 2  5  Franklin Mint **     Direct                TMD Carat

 3  9  Dixons Stores Group  M&C  Saatchi          The Media Centre

 4  5  MFI Store            Publicis              Optimedia

 5  7  Boots Retail         J. Walter Thompson    BMP DDB

 6     Sainsbury’s *        Abbott Mead Vickers,

                            Clark and Taylor

 7  4  B&Q                  Bates Dorland         Zenith Media

 8  2  Comet                Saatchi and Saatchi   Zenith Media

 9  3  Tesco *              Lowe Howard-Spink

10     Safeway*             Bates Dorland         Zenith Media

* Excludes petrol, magazine and loyalty card ** Mail order



Top 10 press brands (part two)


Rank   Brand                          Spend 95     Spend 94    %change

95 94                                (pounds m)   (pounds m)    94/95

 1  1  Curry’s                          36.00        25.39      41.79

 2  5  Franklin Mint **                 20.62        18.70      10.28

 3  9  Dixons Stores Group              19.27        16.65      15.79

 4  5  MFI Store                        17.50        17.17       1.90

 5  7  Boots Retail                     17.34        15.54      11.55

 6     Sainsbury’s *                    16.95

 7  4  B&Q                              16.87        18.95     -10.97

 8  2  Comet                            15.32        22.43     -31.67

 9  3  Tesco *                          14.49        19.00     -23.74

10     Safeway*                         14.31

* Excludes petrol, magazine and loyalty card ** Mail order



Top 10 radio brands (part one)


Rank   Brand                   Creative or            Media buyer

95 94                          full-service agency    (if different)

 1  1  McDonald’s              Leo Burnett

 2  3  Carphone Warehouse      Bartle Bogle Hegarty   Matters Media

 3     Coca-Cola               Publicis               Universal McCann

 4  5  Dixons Stores Group     M&C Saatchi            The Media Centre

 4  9  Reg Vardy               Creative Marketing


 6     National Lottery        Saatchi and Saatchi    Zenith Media

 7     Renault Clio            Focus Advertising      Optimedia

                               London, Publicis

 8  2  Star Direct Recordings  Handled direct         MDV Media

       Mail Order

 9     Sky Broadcasting        Duckworth Finn         Zenith Media

                               Grubb Waters

10  6  House of Fraser         DMB&B                  The Media Centre



Top 10 radio brands (part two)


Rank   Brand                            Spend 95     Spend 94    %change

95 94                                  (pounds m)   (pounds m)    94/95

 1  1  McDonald’s                          3.95         3.66       7.10

 2  3  Carphone Warehouse                  2.40        1.482      62.49

 3     Coca-Cola                           2.19

 4  5  Dixons Stores Group                 1.71         0.98      73.10

 4  9  Reg Vardy                           1.71          7.9     116.09

 6     National Lottery                    1.69

 7     Renault Clio                        1.68

 8  2  Star Direct Recordings Mail Order   1.67         1.99     -15.98

 9     Sky Broadcasting                    1.53

10  6  House of Fraser                     1.45         0.84      72.04



Top 10 tv brands (part one)


Rank   Brand                Creative or                Media buyer

95 94                       full-service agency        (if different)

 1  2  McDonald’s           Leo Burnett

 2  3  Sainsbury’s *        Abbott Mead Vickers,

                            Clark and Taylor

 3  4  Safeway *            Bates Dorland              Zenith Media

 4  1  BT Call Stimulation  Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO   IDK Media, Zenith


 5     Coca-Cola            Publicis                   Universal McCann

 6     Boots Retail         J. Walter Thompson         BMP DDB

 7     Asda *               Publicis                   TMD Carat

 8     Barclaycard          BMP DDB

 9     National Lottery     Saatchi and Saatchi        Zenith Media


10  7  Ford Car Dealer      Ogilvy and Mather          The Network




Top 10 tv brands (part two)


Rank   Brand                        Spend 95     Spend 94    %change

95 94                              (pounds m)   (pounds m)    94/95

 1  2  McDonald’s                     23.96        22.32       7.35

 2  3  Sainsbury’s *                  22.70        15.56      45.91

 3  4  Safeway *                      19.28        13.15      46.64

 4  1  BT Call Stimulation            18.79        25.83     -27.26

 5     Coca-Cola                      15.45

 6     Boots Retail                   14.33

 7     Asda *                         12.03

 8     Barclaycard                    11.38

 9     National Lottery Instants      11.06        13.04     -15.16

10  7  Ford Car Dealer Support        10.77        12.36     -12.83



CAM # 26:04:96






Photograph (omitted)

I have never written ‘I’m only a punter...’ but a punter is what I have

been, more or less, for the last year; and, as a punter, you look at ads

in a different way. They have to grab your attention for a kick-off,

though that’s often because they are so noticeably awful, like those ads

for a chicken product that gives you Mad Chicken disease.

But there are things I have noticed as an ad person, such as how much

influence Tony Kaye has had; how often type is used in film these days;

how executional our advertising is; and, however good the executions,

how few ideas or stories there seem to be.

So I have looked at these ads as a punter and as a writer. One, did I

notice it, like it, and did it mean anything to me? Two, do I wish we

had done it?

The Audi ad is visually reminiscent of the recent Volvo ads, although

this has a more obvious proposition than Volvo, which comes across loud

and clear. But it lacks any real excitement. It looks good though and I

did notice it.

Next, the VW Polo. This, in an interesting twist on a blind test, tells

a story of sorts without gimmicks and has an intriguingly open ending. I

am not entirely sure what I’m meant to feel rather than think about the

car, but then until I watched it again I thought it was for the Golf, so

perhaps its rejection by the spoilt bimbo is a clever bit of

positioning. But I’m involved and the product points get made. On the

reel, on goal difference.

The Unigate ad doesn’t make it. It is clear we are meant to feel great

affection for the milkman, but compared with BMP DDB’s happy roundsman

it is rather semi-skimmed.

I am at a loss over the Labour Party poster. Yes, it is ironic that the

Tories should have become a party of high taxes, but doesn’t this rather

unThatcherite turnaround demand something a little more dramatic? What’s

more, the visual is neither a demonstration of ‘squeezing’ nor of

hitting where it hurts. Disappointing.

Zanussi nearly makes it on one out of three executions. UFOs and alien

visitations are in the news again and I suppose it is an obvious area

for ‘the appliance of science’. Of the three, the air stewardess works

best for me because it is well cast and the simplest. The talk show spot

is all over the place, and the truck driver - despite some nice touches

- loses the plot a bit. (Why is there a cut to a few frames of a

storyboard in the middle?) Apart from the first one, not on the shopping

list or on the reel.

Finally, Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles. An old idea not saved by new

technology. (The shots into the ear and out of the eye probably could

not have been done at the time of all those other ads.)

By the way, my three-year-old daughter, Miss Punter, wants you to know

that her favourite ads are the Gazza Walker’s Crisps one and the

‘Goodbye Daddy’ one for Quality Street. I haven’t found any in my

briefcase yet. Perhaps I’m not giving her enough pocket money.

Giles Keeble is creative director of McBain Noel-Johnson

Nestle Rowntree

Project: Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles

Client: Martin Corcoran, director of marketing

Brief: There is more to eating a Rowntree’s Fruit Pastille than you


Agency: Ammirati Puris Lintas

Writer: John Peacock

Art director: Fianh Coalsoh

Director: Jan Kounen

Production company: Helen Langridge Associates

Exposure: National and satellite TV

The Labour Party

Project: The Labour Party

Client: Margaret McDonagh

Brief: Highlight the Tories’ record in the economy and how hard it has

hit ordinary people

Agency: BMP DDB

Writer: Andrew Fraser

Art director: Ashley King

Photographer: Peter Kennard

Typographer: Richard Bateman

Exposure: National 96-sheet posters


Project: VW Polo

Client: Nigel Brotherton, advertising manager

Brief: The new Polo is the small car with substance

Agency: BMP DDB

Writer: Tim Charlesworth

Art director: Michael Kaplan

Director: Andy Morahan

Production company: Great Guns

Exposure: National TV


Project: Unigate

Client: John Asdell, retail development director

Brief: Remind consumers of the advantages of having milk delivered

straight to the door

Agency: DMB&B

Writer: Steve Meredith

Art director: Ray Brennan

Director: Jonathan Greenhalgh

Production company: RSA Films

Exposure: South and South-west TV regions

Audi UK

Project: Audi A8

Client: Neil Burrows, head of marketing

Brief: The ultimate luxury car requires space-age technology

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Writer: John O’Keeffe

Art director: Russell Ramsey

Director: Chris Hartwill

Production company: RSA Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Range

Client: Ian Symes, marketing director

Brief: Maintain and improve brand saliency by making use of the planet

Zanussi/appliance of science advertising

Agency: Leagas Shafron Davis

Writers: Aidan Hawkes, Rob Jebb

Art directors: Rob Jebb, Aidan Hawkes

Director: Mike Stephenson

Production company: Paul Weiland Film Company

Exposure: Channel 4, SVC and Sky