Top UK marketing and advertising Klout influencers on social media: Numbers 11-20

Our list of the most influential people on social media in the UK's marketing and advertising industry, according to Klout, continues.

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11. Liz Azyan

12.8K followers | 10.2K following | 25.5K tweets

Liz Azyan calls herself a styler of social media, which we take to just mean strategy. Azyan follows the same best practice template many people on this list do, but we noticed that her own blogs are chock full of prompts to tweet quotes or salient points, along with a link to the article. It's also nice to see someone not just asking followers to engage with their questions, but getting involved with discussions they didn't start.

12. Terezie Kyselova

39.6K followers | 38.3K following | 115K tweets

Terezie Kyselova is an Internet marketer and social media strategist from Brighton, who offers social media coaching and training over Skype and email. Her Twitter feed runs from quotes, striking pictures and cross promotion to her other social media profiles – which she has an awful lot of. Her business partner Zbynek Kysela, takes a similar approach but is ranked number 2 on this list.

13. Stewart Harding

675K followers | 742K following | 235K tweets

Stewart Harding has, as far as we know, a new approach to social. For him, his 675,000 followers are an audience to be advertised to. Here are his prices, the top rate is £35.17 for 270 tweets on his account.

14. Sarah Arrow

14.8K followers | 7.2K following | 124K tweets

Sarah Arrow uses Twitter to promote her blogging consultancy services, such as numerous ebooks. A steady stream of posts, as many as five in an hour, share links to her ebooks, her blog and occasionally other people's articles, as well as self-contained bits of advice.

15. Warren Knight

19.6K followers | 19.1K following | 19.7K tweets

Warren Knight is a speaker and consultant, and as such follows the Twitter template of sharing content from publications such as The Next Web, mixing in posts with links to his blogs.

16. Nathaniel Schooler

19.1K followers | 13.4K following | 112K tweets

Nathaniel Schooler's the MD of Kinetica, a social and retail delivery business. Linkwise, Schooler directs followers to his own blogs on the Kinetica website or his own. Otherwise, he uses Twitter to engage with people and regularly posts quotes which link to – here's that company again – Tweet Jukebox.

17. Bryony Thomas

5K followers | 4.4K following | 15.6K tweets

Bristol based Bryony Thomas shows a decent Klout score isn't just a numbers game. The author of Watertight Marketing for SMEs, and an associated network of consultants, Thomas notably tweets around events she's doing. The tweet embedded above is one of seven about a Direct Marketing Association copywriting event.

18. Jim Connolly

9.5K followers | 51 following | 70K

According to Mashable's Lance Ulanoff, Jim Connolly was the third most followed guy on Twitter in 2009 – then he quit Twitter for a bit. It seems that through Connolly's other web presence, Jim's Marketing Blog, he's kept his clout online. We suggest browsing his followers – that's one tightly curated list.

19. Robert Tyson

91.2K followers | 41.6K following | 19.9K tweets

Robert Tyson is cohost of the podcast Small Business Marketing Report and the editor of The Tyson Report, which, amongst other things, provides free resources such as 'The 16 Best Online Marketing Tools' for business. His approach to Twitter is a broadcast one, with a steady stream of links on the topics of digital marketing, social media and content marketing. Like many on this list, he offers to answer marketing questions from his online community.

20. Christopher Wellbelove

342K followers | 239K following | 20.3K

Christopher Wellbelove's Twitter feed is more likely to include links to a wide variety of tech stories from publishers than links to his blog on digital marketing. Perhaps that's because his job as a digital engagement strategist with BT doesn't require him to find people in need of his services?

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