Top UK marketing and advertising Klout influencers on social media: Numbers 31-40

Our list of the most influential people on social media in the UK's marketing and advertising industry, according to Klout, continues.

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31. Paul Frampton

8.5K followers | 7.5K following | 24.3K tweets

Paul Frampton is well known to Brand Republic. As group MD of Havas Media Group and CEO of Havas Media, Frampton has contributed opinion pieces to Campaign and Media Week. He also placed first in Radium One's media agency Twitter table last year. There's plenty of food for thought with juicy links to his, Havas' and others' thought pieces and discussions. He's not above replying to people on Twitter, either.

32. Amanda Watts

13K followers | 8.4K following | 19.6K tweets

Amanda Watts tweeted 39 times on 31 July (using Buffer if our reading of URLs are correct). Over on Watts' website, one of the clients she mentors explains the effects of tweeting twice an hour.

33. Tony Restell

38.3K followers | 31.3K following | 42.8K tweets

A director at Social-Hire, Tony Restell helps recruiters and jobs boards with their social presence. Based on his Twitter feed, Restell's advice will be along the lines of, regularly post headlines with links, but add your own brief comment (see above).

34. Khalid Hamdan

2.8K followers | 2.1K following | 18.6K tweets

Khalid Hamdan works for Accenture, according to his LinkedIn profile, but he makes no mention of that on Twitter, saying only that he's fascinated by social media, the changing consumer and mobile devices. Hamden posts quotes, cartoons and links, but also jumps in and asks questions of others.

35. Damion Elson

6.6K followers | 7.2K following | 34.8K tweets

Providing online services – marketing, graphic design, social media and Wordpress, etc – in Yorkshire, Elson's Twitter feed is a riot of interactions, with the (very) occasional plug for a service. He's also on Paper.li, and has a penchant for sharing articles from Marketing Magazine (one of Brand Republic's sister titles). Excellent taste, then.

36. Dan Purvis

3.1K followers | 1.4K following | 28.3K tweets

Dan Purvis' business partner and cofounder of Communications Axis, Lilach Bullock, came in at number three on this list. Both take a similar approach, but, it seems, Bullock has played the numbers game, with close to ten times the number of tweets, which has contributed to more than 20 times the number of followers.

37. Richard Bagnall

3.6K followers | 2.4K following | 10.8K tweets

A wealth of experience in the PR world, Richard Bagnall is a must follow if data, and its proper application, gets you going. Faultlessly polite, he also picks intriguing topics you're unlikely to find shared elsewhere on this list. For instance, why has the average lifespan of publicly traded companies significantly decreased over the last 30 years?

38. Jeremy Waite

72.2K followers | 559 following | 31.4K tweets

Self-effacing (that "little cloud company" in his Twitter bio is Salesforce) and retro (we haven't seen #FF in a while), Jeremy Waite may have product to sell on Twitter – his book From Survival to Significance – but there are plenty of musings; refreshingly without a link in sight.

39. Stuart Bruce

7.7K followers | 1.9K following | 19.7K tweets

Stuart Bruce's strapline is "The future of public relations in the digital era." Nice that. Bruce posts to his own opinion pieces on his website and The Stuart Bruce Daily, a collection of curated links using Paper.li. What we like, though, is that Bruce responds to other people's tweets, he retweets plenty of links and bon mots, and appears to have interests outside of digital PR. Shock horror.

40. Anthony Johnson

36.9K followers | 32.3K following | 9.9K tweets

Anthony Johnson of Digital 4 Trade social media management biz is a self-professed #geek with 12 years of experience in digital marketing, SEO, social media and start-ups, and posts a lot of useful links to articles from a range of publications on these topics. He encourages followers to ask him for free advice and emphasizes the importance of testimonials when choosing a business to work with. It was also his birthday on July 31 – get in touch and wish him a belated happy birthday.


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