Torch protects your kids from 'blue balls' and 'pearl necklaces'

New child-friendly router cleverly employs double entendres to make a sensitive point

What frightens parents most? According to this first commercial from child-friendly router Torch, young boys sitting alone in darkened rooms at night Googling "Tossed Salad." You know, they way they do.

Still, the ad is pretty clever. Rather than scare parents outright with graphic images and scary music, the brand features innocent interpretations of such snigger-inducing euphemisms as "blue balls" and "happy endings." Use Torch's built-in parental controls and the kids will never learn about those dirty connotations. At least not till middle school.

Fancy Rhino, a creative shop from Chattanooga, Tenn., produced the spot, as well as the brand’s messaging, logo and Web site. The effort represents Fancy Rhino’s first work since Vann Graves, former EVP and Global ECD at McCann Worldgroup, joined as president and CCO.