Tories seek agency for Norris' Mayoral election campaign

The Conservative Party is seeking an advertising agency to spearhead its campaign for Steven Norris, its candidate in next year's election for the Mayor of London.

It originally approached the AAR late last month for help in compiling a longlist of potential agencies but cancelled the process days later.

However, Norris' team is now conducting its own search.

The chance to run advertising for Norris' campaign would be a huge advantage in winning the right to represent the Tories in the next general election, expected to be in mid-2005. The Tories are currently without an agency of record following the demise of Yellow M, which handled the advertising for both the Scottish Conservatives' 1999 campaign and for the Tories in the 2001 general election.

A former Cabinet minister, Norris was confirmed in February as the Tory candidate for London Mayor after gaining three times as many votes as his challenger, Roger Evans, in a postal ballot of party members in the capital.