Toronto Blue Jays 'fishing' by Publicis

Toronto-based advertising agency Publicis has created a TV campaign for baseball team the Toronto Blue Jays ahead of the start of the baseball season on March 25.

The campaign comprises three 30-second spots, which all follow a similar theme in which one of the Blue Jays' players is shown as a young boy discovering a physical talent that will later serve them well as professional baseball players.

In the fishing spot, a young boy is shown casting out into a lake while fishing with his father. To his father's surprise, the boy upstages him by casting his line much further than he can manage.

Text on the screen then reveals the boy is Blue Jays' second base Aaron Hill age seven. The ad was shot in Florida using colour reversal film to give the ad a retro look.

It was shot by UK-based director James Haworth from Another Film Company.