Tory Party launches second phase of Brown-bashing campaign

LONDON - The Conservative Party has launched its second wave of posters that again attack Gordon Brown, by highlighting the Prime Minister's apparent poor record in office.

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Created by M&C Saatchi, the ads continue from the recent 'vote for me' campaign, which featured an image of a smiling Brown, accompanied by straplines such as: "I let 80,000 criminals out early, vote for me".

The latest spots carry the same image, but now have Gordon Brown asking the public to help him repeat the mistakes that he has made during his time in power.

The posters, which will be on 2,000 billboards across the country, will feature one of five headlines, including: 'I caused record youth unemployment, Let me do it again, 'I took billions from pensions, Let me do it again,' and 'I doubled the national debt, Let me do it again.'

At the bottom of the poster, a strapline reads: 'Or vote for change. Vote Conservative'.

Most of the Conservative's ad campaigns during the run-up to the election have focused on Gordon Brown's handling of the country.

And his dwindling popularity was underlined with the latest results of Albion's "slapometer" campaign, which allows the public to log on to a microsite and choose which leader they feel deserves a slap.

As of this morning (13 April), Gordon Brown had received 47.8 per cent of the slaps, David Cameron had received 37.9 per cent of slaps, while Nick Clegg had endured just 14.3 per cent of slaps.

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