Toyota drops local sponsorships at Olympics. Will other brands follow suit?

Toyota Motors said it will no longer air commercials or attend the opening ceremony given the public health crisis.

(Credit: Getty Images)
(Credit: Getty Images)

Toyota Motors, a Japanese company and top corporate sponsor for the Tokyo Olympics, will no longer advertise in Japan during the games this year. 

The decision follows ongoing discussions about the safety of the games amid rising COVID-19 infections in Japan. The Olympics have become an increasingly polarizing subject in the country as people fear their public health and safety. 

Toyota’s chief executive, Akio Toyoda, grandson of the company’s founder, will also skip the opening ceremony, despite approximately 200 Olympic and Paralympic athletes being affiliated with the brand. 

Several Olympic athletes have tested positive for COVID-19 days before the games, bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases linked to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to 61, according to Tokyo 2020 organizers.

As the safety of the Olympic Games hangs in the air, will other brands follow Toyota’s lead? Campaign US wants to know your thoughts.