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Starting out in New York's jazz scene, Augusta Quiney returned to London as a production co-ordinator for record producer Trevor Horn. In 2001, Augusta launched her own soundtrack production company, A-Bomb in Wardour Street, with partner Peter Challis.

- Ikea Shlomp

"This outrageous soundtrack was indubitably twinkling in a creative's eye from the moment the campaign was conceived. Karmarama saw the light and brought Justin Hawkins from The Darkness to breathe life's absurdity into their demented lyrics for Ikea's Shlomp. For once, sound has not been treated as a hurried afterthought, briefed three days before the final dub. Glorious."

Product/client: Ikea

Agency: Karmarama

Studio 11

10a Belmont St

London NW1 8HH

T: +44 20 7267 5050

Creative Directors: Naresh Ramchandani, David Buonaguidi

Agency Producer: Meghan Ridsale

Art Director: David Buonaguidi

Writer: Naresh Ramchandani

Production company: All Films

19 Margaret Street

3rd Floor

London W1N 7LD


T: +44 20 7612 0190

F: +44 20 7612 0199


Director: Brian Baderman

Producer: Ron Redel

Director of Photography: Richard Greatrex

Post-production company: The Film Editors

6-10 Lexington St

London W1R 3HS


T: +44 20 7439 8655

Editor: Ian Davies

Music: "Shlomp" Justin Hawkins; Chicken Sounds

Jingle by Soup