De Groose: 'the whole thing of the big idea is going to get in our way'
De Groose: 'the whole thing of the big idea is going to get in our way'
A view from Tracy De Groose

Tracy De Groose: the big idea is going to die

The big idea will no longer be something that the industry refers to, according to Tracy De Groose, the chief executive at Dentsu Aegis Network UK.

Speaking at The Guardian Leadership Breakfast about data and creativity at Ronnie Scott’s in Soho this morning as part of Advertising Week Europe, De Groose said: "I think the concept of the big idea is going to die."

She explained that instead of one big idea, the industry will begin to think about a number of smaller ideas.

De Groose said: "I think the whole thing of the big idea is going to get in our way. I think the future around execution and context is lots of little ideas.

"Yes we need to have an organising thought that sits above – a purpose or a belief – but I think we’ve got to start thinking of lots of little ideas, not trying to force a big idea."

Anna Bateson, the director of digital at Charlotte Tilbury Beauty, added: "In a way I think you could say the big idea was always a myth. It was a justification of brilliant things coming together.

"I think big idea really means amazing piece of communication that crossed over into some sort of culture so it became bigger. I don’t think that’s going to die."

Steve Hatch, the director for EMEA at Facebook, said that he thinks the US is ahead of the game when it comes to targeting particular audiences. He explained that they are better at developing different strands to a campaign for various groups.

He added: "In the UK we have typically looked at the unified thing we can create empathy around and that becomes the one piece of work we hope that can work across [different audiences].

"We’re moving into a world where we need to create better relevance, so more rather than less. Some of the challenges are in the execution, seeing a greater emphasis on execution will help."

De Groose also said that there is an issue around bravery and that not enough people are taking risks. She explained that this is more of an issue than data and creativity.

She said: "It’s about being brave in an uncertain world, people are fearful. We have to start being optimistic and dreaming about the possibilities, and all of us persuading each other to be braver and taking risks.

"It’s not about data and creativity, it’s about bravery and how do we encourage each other, our clients, the industry to be braver because disruption is changing the rules."