TRAVEL AND LEISURE 03: Flytoget Mr Larsen, Mon Amour

Shot in Norway, this campaign captures comical black moments as individuals miss their SAS flights. 'Mr. Larsen' follows a poor chap who misses his plane after taking too long to park, arriving back home to find his wife in bed with his boss. Booze and drugs follow, then the mental asylum's padded cell. 'Mon Amour' sees a delectable lady fall for an old flame after waiting for her beau. Miss that elusive SAS flight at your peril.


Product/client: Flytoget

Agency: Leo Burnett

Drammensveien 130

0277 Oslo


T: +47 22 926 900

F: +47 22 926 999

Art Director: Morten Kristiansen

Writer: Erik Hersoug

Agency Producer: Vigdis Roset

Production companies: Zwart Arbeid

c/o Espen Horn

Abbedikollen 3n

0280 Oslo


T: +47 92 03 82 91

Director: Harald Zwart

Producers: Espen Horn, Veslemoy Ruud Zwart

Director of Photography: Walter Lindenlaub, Motion Blur

209 Ashland Avenue

Santa Monica

CA 90405 USA

T: +1 310 452 6880

Post-production company: The Chimney Pot

Inkognitogt. 8

0258 Oslo


T: +47 22 13 51 70

F: +47 22 13 51 71


Editor: Jens Christian Fodstad

Music: Ennio Morricone

Flame Artist: Devan