Traveller joins with Selfridges to extend luxury association

Conde Nast's Traveller is seeking to extend its association with

luxury brand names through a poster drive at the department store


The promotion, which breaks this week, sees the store's front windows

taken over by executions featuring photo spreads from the magazine. Each

poster is accompanied by the copyline "where in the world?", which is

answered with the name of a Selfridges department, linked to the image

from the magazine.

In this way, a picture of a woman swimming in the Mediterranean

signposts Selfridges' swimwear department on the third floor.

"This is a very appropriate link for us," Traveller's publisher, Jamie

Brill, said. "It's very positive and shows how we are linked to luxury

and lifestyle goods brands outside the travel marketplace."

Traveller was the British Society of Magazine Editors' lifestyle

magazine of the year for 2001.