Tribute to an icon: Nike Air Max 90

Hype is building for its 30th anniversary next year.

Tribute to an icon: Nike Air Max 90

Everyone knows that the sequel can often be better than the original, and Nike’s Air Max releases are no exception. Widely considered to be the second icon from the Air Max family, the Nike Air Max 90 made its debut in 1990, designed by the brand’s architect Tinker Hatfield.

Building on the Air Max 1’s window to the sole, the 90s model debuted with the bold Hyvent Orange colourway, dubbed "Infrared", and played its own role in the birth of streetwear and the convergence of sport and music culture, making an appearance at everything from hip hop videos to raves.

Originally known as Air Max III, the Air Max 90 is celebrated by collectors as arguably Nike’s most popular running trainer and remains a favourite for collaborations and re-releases. A much coveted version of The Ten: OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Max 90 from Virgil Abloh and Nike was released this year.

With hype building for the 30th anniversary next year, 2019 has brought a slew of launches. These have included the Nike Air Max 90 "Vinyl", referencing the grooves found on records, and featuring a tiny disc with a rotated logo on the shoe tongue, and the BETRUE Air Max 90 marking Pride and the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. The latter carries a design featuring eight embroidered Swooshes, each representing the colours from Gilbert Baker’s original Pride Flag design.

Picture credit: xMarshall/Alamy Stock Photo