Tribute to an icon: Persol sunglasses

Or, specifically, Steve McQueen's Persol 714s.

Tribute to an icon: Persol sunglasses

The 1968 heist film The Thomas Crown Affair came out to mixed reviews. One critic called it "possibly the most underplotted, underwritten, over-photographed film of the year. Which is not to say it isn’t great to look at. It is."

As well as the chemistry between Steve McQueen, who starred as Crown, and Faye Dunaway, who played an insurance investigator, the sunglasses sported by McQueen caught the public’s attention. Art was imitating life – those Persol 714 folding sunglasses, with the Light Havana frame and crystal blue lenses, were a favourite of his and went on to accompany him not only on set but also in his famously fast life.

In 2006, a pair from McQueen’s collection sold at auction for about $70,000. Newer versions retail at a slightly more palatable £310, which still might seem like daylight robbery to some.

Picture credit: Getty Images