Triumph models to strip during 'Sex And The City 2' screenings

LONDON - Lingerie brand Triumph is to launch a live show featuring bra-clad models, to promote its range during cinema screenings of 'Sex and the City 2'.

Louise Redknapp: brand ambassador for Triumph
Louise Redknapp: brand ambassador for Triumph

The lingerie brand has created a 60-second ad to be shown before the screening of the movie. During the opening night of screenings on 28 May, models will perform a catwalk in the auditorium, taking off their clothes to reveal Triumph bras and recreating the ad as it appears on-screen.

Triumph has worked with DCM and media agency Maxus to create the impromptu fashion show, which will be supported by foyer activity, including a postcard competition to win £500 at Selfridges. The activity will take place at five DCM screens across the country.

Purminder Mondair, marketing communications manager at Triumph, said: "The 'Sex and the City 2' opening night is an occasion in many women's diaries. DCM worked with us to deliver a novel brand experience for this amazing female audience and their fun night out."

Jeremy Playle, sales director of DCM, added that other brands ought to consider such live ads, as they "fully engage the audience" and generate word-of-mouth promotion.