Trojan launch spoof STD viral ad

New York - Condom brand Trojan has launched a viral campaign featuring a young man who gives his girlfriend gonorrhoea as a 21st birthday present.

The spoof campaign, which is also being broadcast, aims to highlight research showing one-in-three people contract a sexually transmitted disease before they reach 25.

It suggests the best way to avoid contracting an STD is by using Trojan condoms.

In the ad a clean-cut young couple are seated in a car late at night. The man wishes his girlfriend happy birthday and hands the girl something off-screen whereupon she replies happily "Gonorrhoea, you shouldn't have!".

The man replies "Are you sure you're good as I was originally thinking syphilis or herpes" but the girl insists that gonorrhoea is the perfect gift and she can not wait to tell her parents.

The creative, which was created by Kaplan Thaler, uses with the tagline: "Evolve. Use the most trusted condom every time".

The ad ends by cutting back to the girl who says: "Wait till I show my mom."