Trojan unveils second 'pleasure face' poster campaign

LONDON - The prophylactic brand Trojan, which racked up 209 complaints earlier this year for its orgasm simulation TV ad, has launched its second poster campaign using the racy 'pleasure face' theme, showing close ups of men and women at the height of pleasure.

The new campaign is designed in the style of the cover of a glossy magazine with attention grabbing headlines. It focuses on Trojan's latest condom, called Shared Pleasure.

The creative was designed by the media agency Media Therapy and appears on over 3,500 sites including bus stops and railway stations until August 22.

"The first poster run proved very successful in getting our message across. Our aim is simple -- we use real people showing their real pleasure faces and this has proved to be very popular," said Neale Hunt from Media Therapy.

Trojan ran into problems earlier this year with its debut television advertising, which showed a woman simulating an orgasm. It was cleared by media watchdog Ofcom after 209 complaints that it was overly explicit and inappropriate.

The ad, also created by Media Therapy, appeared during 'Big Brother' on Channel 4. It later appeared in ITV1's 'Hell's Kitchen', as well as during a late-night 10pm showing of 'Coronation Street'.

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