Tropicana focuses on simplicity

BMP DDB is launching a pan-European print campaign for the orange juice brand Tropicana.

The spots illustrate the purity of Tropicana Pure Premium by showing cartons of juice in situations a real orange may find itself in, such as being peeled or squeezed.

Five executions will run in supplements and weekly and monthly titles until the end of July, with a second burst in September.

One execution shows a carton with an arrow pointing to the lid, saying: "Peel here." Another shows an orange, with the line: "Easy-to-pour pack now available."

Dylan Harrison, the copywriter at BMP DDB who wrote the ads, said: "We wanted to create a campaign that echoed the simplicity and purity of the product, so we said it as straight as possible: nothing added, nothing taken away."

TV work, created by Louis XIV DDB in Paris and using the same idea, will run in France. The spots will air in other European countries throughout the summer.

The campaign was art directed by Feargal Balance. The typographer was Pete Mould and the photography was by Giblin & James. The media was planned and bought by Initiative.

Kerstie Drew, the marketing controller for northern Europe at Tropicana, said: "The simplicity of the idea helps communicate a very clear message."