Tropicana launches new Spirit soft drink

LONDON - Following its foray into the smoothie sector, Tropicana is launching a soft drink, "Spirit", with a press campaign.

Tropicana...launches new Spirit soft drink
Tropicana...launches new Spirit soft drink

The executions, created by DDB, aim to highlight the drink's main ingredients: sparkling mineral water and "just a splash" of fruit juice.

Each ad promotes the different flavours - including orange and mango, lemon and grapefruit, and blueberry and blackberry - by featuring an image of a bowl of water with the corresponding fruits being dropped in from a height, causing water to splash everywhere.

The posters each carry an image of the bottle along with the copy: "Just a splash. Juice with lightly sparkling mineral water."


Project Just a splash
Client Nathan King, marketing manager, Tropicana Products
Brief Launch Tropicana Spirit as a refreshing new offering from Tropicana.
Creative agency DDB London
Writer Chris Lapham
Art director Deborah James
Planner Georgina Murray-Burton
Media agency OMD
Media planner Angus Bannerman
Photographer Kelvin Murray
Photographer's agency Jo Talbot and Sue Young
Exposure Outdoor