TSB launches first TV campaign

TSB Bank today launches its first TV campaign since spinning off from Lloyds TSB at the end of 2013.

The 60-second TV spot, which airs on ITV tonight, paints a picture of TSB as a bank dedicated to serving the people and local businesses of Britain.

The animated ad opens by declaring that, "TSB isn’t like other big banks", and then goes on to say how the bank does not invest abroad and instead uses its funds to give mortgages and loans to local people who can then put it back in the community.

As this is all being explained, the animation shows the cycle of money: a couple borrowing money, builders renovating the couple's house and then one of the builders buying his daughter a bike. The spot ends with the line, "Local banking for Britain".

Joint created the ad, which was devised by Damon Collins and directed by Marc Craste through Studio AKA. The TV campaign follows print work and a cinema campaign, which featured the voice of actor Sir Patrick Stewart and told the story of the bank’s founder, Reverend Henry Duncan, released in September 2013.

TSB returned to the high street as an independent brand in September 2013, after its parent, Lloyds Banking Group, was forced to split with 631 of its 1,931 branches in order to comply with EU competition rules after the bank was bailed out by the state.