Turkey of the Week: Audi's Frozen tribute loses steam

This mash-up doesn't make sense.

Audi: Williams channelling Elsa
Audi: Williams channelling Elsa

I’m not a parent of small children, but even I know that the Frozen song Let It Go – now more than six years old – has become a bugbear for many adults and even older kids who grew up on a diet of Elsa and Olaf.

So that’s the first flaw in Audi’s ad, which sees Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams singing the track as she drives through traffic. Beyond trying to capitalise on the recent release of Frozen 2 (which doesn’t live up to the original, I hear), I don’t see a reason for this track or for Williams performing it.

Facing the pressure of the Super Bowl, where this spot debuted, Audi seems to have fallen into the trap of using a celebrity or piece of pop culture for the sake of it, with no real justification or clear idea. Throwing two popular things together doesn’t always result in a compelling offering – I like chocolate and pizza but I don’t want them together in a sandwich. 

Brand Audi
Title Let it go
Agency 72andSunny Amsterdam