Turkey of the Week: BBC Sport's ad will go down in history for all the wrong reasons

Women's World Cup ad has been accused of copyright infringement.

BBC Sport: ad uses title from 2018 book
BBC Sport: ad uses title from 2018 book

At first glance, BBC Sport’s campaign for the Fifa Women’s World Cup, featuring an anthem by rapper Ms Banks, seems like a worthy effort to inspire female athletes. But accusations that the broadcaster infringed on the copyright of the 2018 book Slay In Your Lane – the title is a registered trademark and appears on one of the billboards without permission – undermines its noble message.

This campaign will go down as a misguided attempt to get on the right side of female empowerment, while ignoring minority voices who should have received credit and respect for their creative idea and purpose.

Client James Parry, head of marketing, sport and events 
Agency BBC Creative