Turkey of the Week: British Gas ad is horribly nauseating

It's not safe for breakfast.

British Gas: hair-raising ad
British Gas: hair-raising ad

One of my few joys in life – an early-morning almond croissant, something I regard as a reward for traipsing from south-east London to Campaign towers in Twickenham – was ruined last week. 

The culprit? An ad showing hair being pulled out of a plughole that caught me unawares as I stared vacantly at Waterloo station's big screen, enjoying the aforementioned baked treat. 

I didn’t have time to catch the brand as I turned away so quickly, but needless to say the damage had already been done. It made me feel sick. 

Turns out it’s a British Gas spot – a rogue execution of its rather good new brand campaign. Why someone thought it was a winning idea to create this abomination is anyone’s guess.

British Gas, a plea: please stop showing it and spoiling breakfasts everywhere.

Brand British Gas
Title Here to solve
Agency The & Partnership London