Turkey of the Week: ET will never be the same again after you've seen Sky's ad

Was this really necessary?

ET the Extra-Terrestrial
has a special place in many of our hearts, and now Sky has cruelly snatched that away.

Sky’s Christmas ad is a two-minute film that looks like it’s on x64 fast-forward, absolutely jam-packed with nod after nod to the original, but it all just feels thrown together and out of place. There is no reason for ET to take those kids on a bike ride, other than to remind us of that iconic scene in the film. And how is it possible that grown-up Elliott is a worse actor than he was in 1982?

So it has the blessing of Steven Spielberg, but why go through the effort of getting these amazing assets (including that music... that music) if all you’re going to do is lob together a load of scenes that are reminiscent of, but aren’t quite, the real thing? The result is a spot that's completely devoid of emotional connection – a depressing sequel to the most heartfelt of the 1980s golden era of children's films (remember little Drew Barrymore's cry face?). 

And anyway what’s with ET coming all the way to Earth to then immediately decide he wants to go back to his family, like that shitty friend who comes to visit you but spends the whole time on their phone?

Go home, ET, you’re drunk.

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Agencies Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Sky Creative