Turkey of the week: Fujifilm's Taylor Swift ad is rife with millennial marketing tropes

Instax, Fujifilm's instant camera brand, is a hot property.

Twenty-somethings are desperate for a slice of analogue disappointment, it would seem, and photographs of a significantly poorer quality than those achievable on their smartphones.

So signing up pop music’s most divisive star, Taylor Swift, as a global ambassador should have been a masterstroke. It makes the resulting campaign – a disappointing mess of millennial marketing tropes – all the more regrettable.

The ad, shot by famed music video director Dave Meyers, eschews narrative in favour of scenes showing Swift using the device in generic situations, and none of the wit and sass for which she has become (in)famous. You can almost hear the boredom in her voice as she talks about the "hugs" and "high-fives" of life on the road.

All in all, a missed opportunity.

Brand: Fujifilm
Director: Dave Meyers