Turkey of the Week: Gosh darn it, Gosh!

It's hard to know whether the insensitivity or the stale humour is more disappointing.

Like many bad ideas, this campaign for vegan-food brand Gosh! is rooted in a reasonable insight: that announcing new dietary preferences to family members can sometimes produce a dismissive or angry response. 

Where it goes badly wrong is making a very clear and deliberate comparison between that moment – no doubt embarrassing and upsetting for some people – and the process of coming out as LGBT+. 

Although fortunately social attitudes have progressed in leaps and bounds in the past two decades, there are still plenty of young people who are met with rejection and even violence when they tell their families about their sexuality. 

That means this should just not be a topic for comedic riffing, full stop. But, to make matters worse, the joke is told with a total lack of subtlety, making its crude point impossible to avoid.

Brand Gosh!
Title Coming out
Agency You