Turkey of the Week: Gymbox turns sexual harassment into a joke

Ad suggests working out is the solution when dealing with a 'sleazy boss'.

Gymbox: ‘#Knee_to’ makes light of #MeToo movement
Gymbox: ‘#Knee_to’ makes light of #MeToo movement

With a desperate plea to slide something socially relevant into its latest campaign, Gymbox thought it would be witty to joke about workplace harassment. 

The outdoor campaign positions Gymbox as the answer to scenarios including childhood bullying and men who have a "fetish for women's clothes". But the worst of these suggestions is that working out can combat inappropriate advances from your boss. The ad reads: "Sleazy Boss / Gymbox / Muay Thai / #Knee_To", with the latter phrase seemingly referencing the #MeToo movement.

It goes without saying that workplace harassment is a serious issue often worsened by the fact that speaking up can sometimes put people at risk of losing their jobs. Gymbox overstepped the mark by trivialising the matter and attempting to capitalise on the cultural impact of #MeToo. 

Title Anything goes
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