Turkey of the week: Sainsbury's ad is a Christmas cracker with no bang

When you are tired of Christmas advertising, you are tired of life, said someone in advertising maybe.

In our household we are nowhere near reaching peak Christmas and the ads form a core part of the fabric of the festive season – Moz, Mog, Monty, we’ve loved them all. 

Which is why Sainsbury’s mediocre mash-up of singers is such a disappointment, an ad campaign that is a festive equivalent of a Christmas cracker with no bang. This underwhelming ad campaign appears to have little more than a hashtag at its heart.

Pop psychology may teach us that we should never "compare and despair", but arguably this ad’s most redeeming factor is the opportunity to spend a happy afternoon watching Sainsbury’s ads of Christmases gone by – starting with that delicious piece of craft that was last year’s stop-motion animation ad. Better luck next year Sainsbury’s. 

Brand: Sainsbury’s
Title: Every bit of Christmas
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy London