Turkey of the Week: Sky TV's Idris Elba campaign is tired

What is the actor doing in this family's house?

Sky TV was a big win for Mother last year, so how disappointing to see this bland first effort. For some inexplicable reason, Idris Elba is hanging out in a family’s living room, spying on a girl and her grandfather. They can’t see him but he plays a slightly creepy omniscient narrator. Elba and the other characters lack warmth and charm.

I can't help being fatigued when seeing yet another ad use a ghostly fourth-wall-breaking narrator in order to shoehorn in a celeb. It has been more than two decades since the Bob Hoskins "Good to talk" campaign for BT – enough already!

No agency takes over an account hoping to make more of the same dross, so the client should demand the sparkling creativity at which Mother normally excels. It’s time to ditch Elba and try something brave.

Title Sky Q 
Client Luke Bradley-Jones, chief marketing officer 
Agency Mother