Turkey of the Week: uSwitch makes us switch off

Are we all such feeble stereotypes?

To say this uSwitch ad is cringeworthy doesn’t really do justice to the level of banality presented in telling us what to do with all the time and money potentially saved after using the utilities-switching brand. While pointing out all the "fun" things the audience could be doing, the brand manages to both patronise and stereotype.

A dad playing an electric guitar, a man switching on pink mood lighting while waiting for a date, an older woman surrounded by her beloved cacti, a suburban couple doing pottery in the garage, fat old blokes in anoraks flying model aeroplanes, a young girl being given a violin… are we all such feeble stereotypes? If there’s a joke in there somewhere, perhaps it’s too well-hidden.

Is uSwitch really trying to persuade viewers that changing your broadband or electricity provider can inspire and fund exciting activities? The only good thing about this ad is the narration, from Peep Show’s Matt King, who manages to lend a rather circumspect edge to the whole thing. We don’t think he’s convinced either.

Brand uSwitch
 Alex Gibson, head of brand marketing 
Title What you do after you switch is up to you
Agency Joint