Turning Point: James Jennings, joint managing director, Maxus

My career turning point was...firstly at my first agency Christmas party where, working in the media auditing division of Yershon Media, I explained to my boss just how great I was.

James Jennings: joint managing director, Maxus
James Jennings: joint managing director, Maxus

Tim Kirkman, a buying director at the time, found my cheek amusing and suggested I prove myself on planning and buying.

The next defining moment in my career was moving to Maxus, then 20:20, which was a joint venture between CIA and Delaney's (now DLKW). Working closely with a creative agency and bright people such as the Delaneys, Tom Knox and Richard Warren showed me that parts of the media world were still dangerously insular.

It made me realise that it's not them and us, and not to worry about who gets credit for what. I hope I've learned a respect for the message as well as the medium.