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TV Advertising Quiz: PHD Manchester bag £50K worth of free CTV ad inventory for Teach First

PHD Manchester beat rivals to the top of our agency leaderboard

TV Advertising Quiz: PHD Manchester bag £50K worth of free CTV ad inventory for Teach First

Before Christmas, Campaign, in partnership with Samsung Ads, quizzed you on your knowledge of the industry you live and breathe. The aim being to drive competition among different agency teams and to bring a bit of cheer back into the new year.

We asked an array of questions ranging from Which John Lewis ad came first? How well do you know your SVOD from your AVOD? What connects Vinnie Jones, Anthony Joshua and Paddington Bear? All designed to tease your knowledge and test your insight. And there were two mega prizes up for grabs:

£50k worth of ad-inventory on Samsung Ads for a charity of your choice for the agency with the highest average score from a minimum of five entries. Congratulations to the team at PHD Manchester on bagging this prize for Teach First.

“This is fantastic news. We’re delighted that our partners at PHD have donated the generous prize from Samsung Ads to Teach First. It will make a big difference to our advertising campaigns and really help us to support teachers and leaders, as a part of our mission to build a fair education for all,” said Rachel Levett, Director of Marketing and Communications for Teach First. 

“We’d like to thank Campaign and Samsung Ads for hosting the quiz and giving us the opportunity to support Teach First. It’s wonderful to be able to help a charity that’s making a real difference in kids’ lives while showing off our extensive AV knowledge. Normally, we’d buy our fellow agencies a drink to soften the blow of defeat, but, you know… #lockdown,” added Alex Shucksmith, AV Director at PHD Manchester.

The individual prize, a Samsung 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV with Bixby, Alexa & Google Assistant, goes to: Matthew Rooney, Measurement Partner, TikTok. Congratulations, Matthew!

“We have been delighted to work with Campaign on this initiative and we are honoured to raise awareness utilising CTV advertising inventory on Samsung TV Plus for such as worthy cause as Teach First” says Alex Hole, VP Samsung Ads, Europe.

And in case you’ve been dying to know all the answers, don’t worry we’ve included them below. You’ll kick yourself!

1. Ellen DeGeneres starred in a TV campaign in early 2020 for which voice assistant service?
Answer: Amazon Alexa. The #BeforeAlexa ad, created by Droga5 London, ran first during the Super Bowl live broadcast.

2. Which CCO connects the following: Vinnie Jones, Anthony Joshua, Paddington Bear.
Answer: Vicki Maguire, the chief creative officer at Havas London. She worked on the British Heart Foundation TV campaign featuring Vinnie Jones performing CPR, a Lucozade film with British boxer Joshua, and the 2017 Marks & Spencer Christmas ad that starred the duffle-coated bear.

3. Name the award-winning TV campaign that ran in the year 2000, inspired by a short film depicting a group of friends clowning around on their phones.
Answer: Budweiser’s ‘Whassup!’ – Charles Stone, the director of the short, went on to star in the campaign, which was trailblazing in the beer market at the time for featuring an all-African-American cast.

4. Who am I?
First clue: I directed a music video for Radiohead.
Second clue: I shot a commercial in 2006 that involved quite a lot of paint.
Third clue: I worked with Scarlett Johansson on a sci-fi movie.
Fourth clue: My most famous ad is probably the Guinness ‘Surfer’ film.

Answer: Jonathan Glazer. The acclaimed director, filmmaker and screenwriter was responsible for Radiohead’s ‘Karma Police’ video, exploded paint all over tower blocks in the 2006 Sony ad, directed Under the Skin featuring Johansson, and the renowned Guinness film in 1999. 

5. Bartle Bogle Hegarty and MediaCom won the 2020 IPA Effectiveness Awards Grand Prix with an entry for a retailer that introduced a new sense of purpose based on the idea of "Serving Britain’s Shoppers a Little Better Every Day". Can you name the retailer from the following list?

Ann Summers. Halfords, Tesco. WH Smith. 

Answer: Tesco. The winning entry described how its fortunes were transformed between 2015 and 2019 in part through creative advertising that focused on communicating helpfulness and stories about quality food.

6. Which awards connects the following brands? Walkers. Savlon. Volvo.

Answer: Each has won the prestigious Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix at Cannes. Walkers was the first-ever winner in 2011 with a UK entry, Volvo’s global ‘Live Test’ series of videos (including the famous ‘Epic Split’ ad featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme) won in 2015, and Savlon landed the award in 2018 for activity in India, 

7. According to recent research, what most drives video advertising effectiveness? 

Answer: Entertainment. The recent findings in an IPA-backed report show video advertising that entertains is more likely to build market share than functional messages.

8. According to OFCOM Following the first national lockdown announced in March, what percentage of their time, on average, did people in the UK spend each day watching TV and online video?

Answer: 40%. Ofcom reported that in April, the average Briton spent six hours and 25 minutes each day watching TV and online video content – a total of almost 45 hours a week, and a rise of almost a third on last year. 

9. Put these John Lewis Christmas ads in chronological order – starting with the earliest:

Sweet Child O'Mine (2009)
Monty the Penguin (2014)
Man on the Moon (2015)
Moz the Monster (2017)
The Boy and the Piano (2018)

10. Who am I? 
1st clue: I signed as a solo artist for Stiff Records in 1977.
2nd clue: I had two top 20 hits in 1980.
3rd clue: I soundtracked a standout 2010 TV ad campaign for IKEA.
4th clue: My anti-war Christmas song is still one of the most-played festive tracks 40 years after release.

Answer: Jona Lewie. The singer-songwriter’s ‘You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties’ was used by IKEA for its 2010 campaign, and Lewie’s ‘Stop the Cavalry’ rings around most British homes every Christmas.

11. Which long-running TV programme connects the following: Costa Coffee. Cadbury. Sir Ian McKellan.

Answer: Coronation Street. Costa’s product placement in the ITV soap was announced in 2018. Cadbury was the programme sponsor from 1996 to 2006, and Sir Ian McKellan appeared in the show as con artist Mel Hutchwright in 2005. 

12. Name the online retailer that collapsed, despite spending £15 million on TV advertising, when the “dot com bubble” burst in 2000?

Answer: The British fashion retailer, which launched in 1998, was lauded as an ecommerce pioneer but burned through its funding in just 18 months.

13. Can you name the owner of brands including Fairy, Gillette, Head & Shoulders and Pampers, which announced in 2020 a TV content partnership to create scripted programming to promote themes such as gender equality and diversity? 

Answer: Procter & Gamble. Hoping to benefit from the boom in video streaming, it started work with production company Stone Village Television, renowned for shows such as HBO's Empire Falls, on script development.

14. Which awards connects the following TV advertisers? Boots. EA Sports, Lloyds Bank. The Royal Navy

Answer: Each was shortlisted recently for the Channel 4 Diversity in Advertising Award, which aims to encourage a more diverse future for TV advertising through a focus on the authentic portrayal of UK black, Asian and minority ethnic cultures.

15. The British advertising industry has launched Ad Net Zero, an initiative that aims to achieve carbon net zero over the next decade. Part of the focus is on reducing the carbon footprint of TV advertising production. How many tonnes of CO2 does the average international location shoot generate currently?

Answer: 100 tonnes. Ad Net Zero is encouraging advertisers to curb emissions by limiting travel, hospitality, and complex supply chains.

16. Which direct response mechanism, originally designed way back in 1994, is emerging as a creative TV advertising solution?

Answer: The QR code. As well as seeing a resurgence due to venues using them in the wake of the pandemic, brands are utilising the codes to enable viewers to scan them in TV commercials. Camden Town Brewing, for example, ran a “drinkable” TV campaign offering viewers home delivery of its products.

17. The finale of which Channel 4 competition in November 2020 secured record audiences on the channel for advertisers who bought into the show?

Answer: The Great British Bake Off. The final episode of the series attracted an overnight audience of 9.8 million, the largest since the programme transferred over from the BBC.

18. Who am I?

1st Clue: I started my media agency career at agencies including CIA and Zenith, before joining The Media Business Group.

2nd Clue: In 2012, I launched an apprenticeship scheme for 18-24-year-olds at the agency I ran.

3rd Clue: I received an OBE in 2014 for services to media and communications.

4th Clue: The media group that I now run in the UK spent $50 billion on media globally in 2019.

Answer: Karen Blackett, UK CEO of Group M. She ascended to the role of MediaCom UK CEO in 2011 and remains Chairperson of the agency alongside her wider Group M responsibilities.

19. Which renowned media planner appeared in the UK version of Big Brother?

Answer: Jonathan Durden. The founder of media agency PHD was a house guest in the eighth series of the reality show on Channel 4 in 2007. He survived an eviction vote before quitting the house for personal reasons.

20. Which agency head connects the following? Travelocity. Metropolitan Police. Hovis. 

Answer: Andy Nairn. The founding partner of Lucky Generals has won IPA Effectiveness Grand Prix awards for campaigns for each of the advertisers.

21. Which UK broadcaster recently launched a platform called Planet V to help brands buy Video-On-Demand advertising? Channel 4. ITV. Sky.

Answer: ITV. Planet V officially launched in October 2020 after months of testing and is designed to enable better management, tracking and optimisation of TV video campaigns.

22. Is Samsung TV PLus an SVOD or AVOD service?

Answer: TV Plus is a free AVOD service of 200+ channel across Europe exclusive to Samsung TV’s

23. Viewers in which market spend the most time each day streaming content on Samsung TV’s as opposed to watching linear TV?

Answer: The UK. People spend 59% of “TV time” streaming, compared to 55% in France, and 52% in Spain.

24. What percentage of Samsung Smart TV’s watch less than two hours of linear TV a month?

Answer: 42% of Samsung Smart TV’s watch less than two hours of linear TV per month

25. Who, or what, am I?

1st Clue: I’m a TV show that launched in the UK in 2005.

2nd Clue: In 2020, my producers launched a standalone channel in my name on smart TVs in the US.

3rd Clue: My quiz show format involves contestants being offered cash by “the banker”.

4th Clue: I was hosted in the UK by Noel Edmonds.

Answer: Deal Or No Deal. The show’s producer, Endemol Shine, has invested in standalone channels supported by connected TV ad revenue in the UK, Germany, and the US.

Tie-Breaker Question: 
According to Campaign's UK editor Maisie McCabe, how many articles about TV advertising has Campaign published online in 2020? (up to December 6th 2020)

Answer: 54