TV body appoints BDA London to reassure public over video-on-demand

LONDON - Television body the Association for Television on Demand has appointed Bruce Dunlop & Associates to create an ad campaign to reassure viewers that its members are behaving responsibly in protecting viewers from content that they don't want to see.

ATVOD... new campaign
ATVOD... new campaign

ATVOD, which is backed by members including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, BT and Virgin Media, has hired BDA London to create a campaign to highlight the fact that it has made provisions to protect viewers from nasty surprises.

A TV spot will air on the TV and video on demand channels of ATVOD members throughout the year.

This will be supported by print ads in the national press.

Elizabeth Filkin, the chairman of ATVOD, said: On-demand services are getting more and more popular. So ATVOD is here to reassure our growing audiences that they can expect the same protection when using on-demand as they do when watching linear TV.