TV Licensing releases second comic ad

AMV BBDO has created a second spot for the BBC's 'Whatever's Easiest For You' campaign, which tells viewers how they could spread the cost of their TV licence.

The campaign began in May with the "busy" TV ad, which featured a multi-tasking mum who mistakenly serves the wrong food to her hungry baby and the family dog, highlighting the ease and speed of online payment.

The second ad features a young man and a woman going through all the stages of a relationship in a number of seconds, from meeting in a restaurant to getting a divorce.

It then cuts to the message "You don't have to do things all in one go" and explains how the licence fee can be paid weekly, monthly or quarterly.

The ad will go on air from tomorrow and was produced by Red Bee Media.

The last campaign produced for TV Licensing was 'Push a Little Button', which launched the new website in January 2010.