TV Marketplace: Cup final snookered

TV Marketplace: Cup final snookered

Peter Ebdon: won snooker World Championship and ratings war with FA Cup

The FA Cup Final was a huge anti-climax for BBC1, with the final of the snooker World Championship two days later on BBC2 pulling in a million more viewers.

Just before midnight on Bank Holiday Monday, 7.4 million viewers were watching the snooker, a 63% share. On average, the four-hour final between Stephen Hendry and Peter Ebdon was seen by 5.4 million.

In sharp contrast, the FA Cup Final on Saturday afternoon had only 4.1 million glued to their screens at home, a 43% share.

Parkinson was also a rare flop on Saturday night. At 9pm, only 3.8 million, a 20% share, tuned in to watch Michelle Collins and Jimmy Tarbuck.

Channel 4's Mo Mowlam: Inside New Labour, shown at 8pm, was watched by 1.3 million, a seven per cent share.

ITV had a very poor Saturday night. The last episode of the amusing drama, I Saw You, which starred Fay Ripley, was watched by only 2.2 million, a 13% share, at 10.10pm.

Stars In Their Eyes Celebrity Special, at 9pm, grabbed 5.6 million, a reasonable 29% share.

C4's Saturday night drama, One Fine Day, which starred George Clooney, had 2.2 million entranced, a 12% share, at 9pm.

ITV1's The Forsyte Saga continues to be hammered by BBC1's Auf Wiedersehen, Pet on Sunday evenings.

The Forsyte Saga was watched by 5.5 million, a 25% share, at 9pm, while Auf Wiedersehen, Pet netted an impressive 9.5 million, a 42% share.

Both shows are adversely affecting C4 drama The West Wing. At 9pm, only 1.1 million, a five per cent share, bothered to tune in.

ITV1 did a little better with Where The Heart Is, shown at 8pm, grabbing six million, a 29% share. 

The South Bank Show continues to under-perform in its late evening slot. Last Sunday at 10.55pm, only 0.7 million, a seven per cent share, watched the arts show.

On Bank Holiday Monday, BBC1's movie The Peacemaker, starring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman, took 5.7 million viewers, a 24% share, at 9pm.

Channel 5 didn't do so well with The Bodyguard, shown at 9pm - 1.6 million, a seven per cent share, were watching.