Holding the Baby (24 January, LWT)

Holding the Baby (24 January, LWT)

Client: Gillette Sensor Excel

Agency: BMP DDB

Buyer: Sharn Delf

Client: BT

Agency: IDK

Buyer: Martin Allason

Programme: Holding the Baby

TV station: LWT

Date: (24 January, LWT)

Break transmission time: 20.45

Barb: 13.5 Housewife TVRs (live)

Nick Hancock has gained his laddish stripes hosting such hardy

perennials as They Think It’s All Over and Room 101. He’s also done

stand-up comedy and acted on the stage.

But any idea that his latest vehicle, Holding the Baby, could become a

son of Men Behaving Badly looks unlikely.

Basically, this is a tired old tale of a single parent - New Man

bringing up baby with the help of his laddish brother. Only Gillette and

BT made an appearance in the centre break. The Bill snaffled the chunk

of minutage in that clock hour - a hefty 3.5 minutes to be exact. That

left ITV’s new sitcom with just 1.2 minutes to fill.

Gillette Sensor was there in a bid to hit those elusive 16- to

34-year-old men. The thinking was that with weekday early peak viewing

monopolised by the likes of Emmerdale, it’s increasingly difficult to

find programming targeted at young men.

BT’s desire was to buy feel-good programming for its corporate


The ad features a couple of toddlers, which links in creatively with the

programme. Nick Hancock should have proved tempting bait, but sadly most

young men are probably down the pub at 8.30 on a Friday night.