Is TV ready for influencer-fronted ads? Billion Dollar Boy thinks so

BDB TV is being launched to tackle production problems caused by coronavirus pandemic.

BDB TV: agency creatives generate idea, while influencers create content
BDB TV: agency creatives generate idea, while influencers create content

Influencer marketing agency Billion Dollar Boy is launching an "influencer-powered production company" that will aim to produce TV ads featuring influencers. 

Billion Dollar Boy hopes the new venture, BDB TV, will tackle the production problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic and satisfy an apparent demand for work fronted by influencers on traditional media. 

BDB TV will draw on the agency's roster of influencers to quickly deliver ads that can be created from an influencer's home. This should mean production costs will be a fraction of that of a traditional TV ad and will not contravene the government’s public-health guidance on social distancing. 

The company’s vision is for its creatives to generate the idea and concept for how the ad would look overall. It would start with a script and storyboard, albeit looser than traditional ones because the ad will feature content from multiple creators. It will then engage influencers to create content according to the brief. Finally, the client approves the individual pieces of content and BDB TV edits and formats the work for TV.

No major brands have signed up yet, but Billion Dollar Boy said it has been hired by a global charity whose identity cannot yet be revealed. 

Advertising production schedules have been widely postponed or cancelled – even before widespread social-distancing measures were introduced in Europe and North America last month. Many advertisers are also putting their marketing activity on hold. 

Edward East, founder and chief executive of Billion Dollar Boy, said: "After discussions with colleagues in the industry it is clear that many traditional creative agencies and clients are struggling to create new, relevant and appropriate content during the lockdown.

"Influencer content is high quality, cost-effective, quick to produce and relevant now. BDB TV works with our network of influencers to supply TV ads to our brand clients so they can effectively fill their airtime."