Twentieth Century Fox hires Drugstore

Drugstore has been appointed to the advertising roster for the film distributor Twentieth Century Fox after a pitch against six other undisclosed agencies.

At present, the company uses a roster of specialist agencies to create adaptations of US work. However, Drugstore will now be briefed with creating original campaigns for specific movies as and when they are released.

The films will range from blockbusters such as Lions for Lambs to indie films such as Little Miss Sunshine.

The company spends around £40 million on UK media every year.

The film distributor put the business up for pitch in June this year as a way to carry out a "health check" on its advertising opportunities.

The review was managed by Elizabeth Kesses, the company's theatrical marketing director.

Earlier in the year, the company reviewed its £150 million global planning and buying brief, eventually putting all of the business into Vizeum.

Drugstore recently worked with Amnesty International to highlight human rights abuses in the war on terror.