Twitch partners Defected for six months of live music

Radio shows, video podcasts and in-depth conversation pieces will be streamed live.

Twitch: Defected will reimagine its virtual festival offering
Twitch: Defected will reimagine its virtual festival offering

Twitch has tied up with Defected for six months of live entertainment programming.

Talking about the partnership James Kirkham, chief business officer at Defected, told Campaign: "What particularly excites me about the platform is the level of creative scope and support. They are keen to evolve what we might normally do to utilise the Twitch environment.

"The live formats will have interactive layers. It gives us something which is much more event-like, using fans and a community in an interactive way. Twitch has encouraged a more experimental feel, for us to try things out to see how far we can push things".

Defected has developed a range of weekly and monthly content that includes live versions of the label's radio shows, video podcasts, live sets and in-depth conversation pieces with producers and tastemakers. The content will be available exclusively on Twitch from 22 February.

When safety restrictions allow, all formats and originals will be filmed in front of a live studio audience at Defected's headquarters in London's Shoreditch, a creative media hub dedicated to advancing the label group's digital output and virtual proficiencies.

Larger-scale, quarterly events will build upon Defected's established virtual festival output that was launched in March 2020, while delivering a higher level of production and interactivity. 

Using Twitch gives the ability to produce events with multiple rooms, enabling the audience to curate their experience. The content also creates opportunities for brands, with sponsorship, overlays and midstream ad spots available.

Twitch was popularised by the gaming community, who continue to use the platform to stream live gameplay while receiving interactions from viewers.

Kirkham added: "There are elements to it that have been born from gaming, but when you start reapplying them into other spaces it opens up into loads of new possibilities."