Two million viewers quit Big Brother in a week

Channel 4's Big Brother has lost more than two million viewers in a week and average ratings are down 15 per cent on last year's series.

According to figures from media agencies, Big Brother 8 peaked at eight million viewers during the last hour of its first episode, but averaged 6.2 million viewers across the night, a drop on last year's seven million.

Ratings fell to an average of four million on the second night, and remained static through the week, averaging a 15 per cent drop in ratings on the previous year's 4.7 million.

Jason Smith, a TV buyer at Carat, said: "There is fatigue with the format; it just doesn't have the popularity of previous years. But it's still doing healthy numbers and ratings will spike depending what's going on in the house."

- Campaign i-Q, page 6.