UK consumers more cynical about advertising, according to survey

LONDON - Consumers in the UK are much more sceptical when it comes to advertising than their counterparts round the world, according to a global survey by The Nielsen Company.

UK audiences...more cynical about advertising
UK audiences...more cynical about advertising

Seven out of ten consumers round the world agree that advertising contributes to economic growth and 80 per cent agree that it helps create jobs, according to the survey that was carried out for the World Federation of Advertisers in April.

In the UK, however, consumers are less keen, with 61 per cent agreeing that it helps economic growth and 71 per cent agreeing it helps jobs.

The survey found that globally 68 per cent believe advertising leads to better predicts and lower prices, but in the UK 64 per cent feel this to be the case.

Consumers in the UK also find advertising less entertaining than those in the US and Asia.

Compared with 79 per cent in Latin America, 76 per cent in Asia-Pacific and 59 per cent of consumers in North America finding ads entertaining, almost half of consumers in Europe disagreed, including 37 per cent of UK consumers.

Stephen Loerke, WFA's managing director, said: "Advertising is a powerful economic stimulus and consumers are clearly aware of this. But we still have more work to do so that governments, too, understand the important role it plays and take this account when formulating policy."