UK government "Hands, face, space and fresh air" by Freuds

The UK government has unveiled a Covid-19 campaign encouraging members of the public to "stick to the rules" as lockdown measures continue to ease across the UK.

Narrated by Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary Jones, "Hands, face, space and fresh air" outlines the impact of fresh air on the spread of the virus. "Fresh air dilutes the virus particles and can blow them away," Jones states while a visual representation of Covid-19 spreads through the air, showing that the risk of infection is significantly lower outdoors.

The film ends as he declares: "Help keep the virus levels down and let's take this next step safely." The campaign made its TV debut last night (29 March) on ITV and runs across TV, radio, press, digital and out of home.

An ad last year from the Scottish government featured a similar visualisation of the spread the virus, which urged people: "Don’t pass coronavirus to the people you love."