What is the UK's most emotional ad?

Many people will feel a little fragile at some point during January - it's a tough month.

After all, the weather is lousy, you have to readjust to work after the Christmas break. And while many people will feel guilty about their festive excesses, some will have already broken their New Year’s resolutions to counter the pervading gloom.

With all these emotions bubbling at the surface, what better time to ask: what is the UK’s most moving ad? Which TV spot always has you reaching for the tissues, or making awkward excuses about having something in your eye?

Below is the shortlist of ads made by UK agencies and a poll to register your vote for Britain’s weepiest ad.

Oxo "last supper"

BBC "perfect day"

Channel 4 "meet the superhumans"

Cesar "love them back"

John Lewis "always a woman"

P&G "thank you mamma"

NHS "Rebecca"

Aviva "holiday packing"

Hovis "go on lad"

Sussex Safer Roads "embrace life"