UKTV runs mini crime drama in Alibi ad breaks

UKTV is launching a short point-of-view crime drama on Alibi, its crime drama channel.

Eight episodes of The Alibis have been made by Rubber Republic. They are between one and three minutes long and will be shown during the ad breaks.

The series tells the story of a crime. Each episode shows a different clue or suspect, allowing the viewer to play detective. The films will air on Alibi during March and April.

The films were made by Rory Ahern, Tiffany Maddox and Matt Golding.

Esther Pilgerstorfer, the creative services producer at UKTV, said: "In an era of increasingly immersive storytelling The Alibis feels like a great way to enhance our audience’s link with our crime channel by actively involving them in their own real time crime drama.

"We’ll be watching the audience’s reaction to this closely to guide our future innovation."

Viewers will be encouraged to discuss theories on Facebook, Twitter and the Alibi website.

Matt Golding, the director of The Alibis and co-founder of Rubber Republic, said: "In an increasingly competitive multi-channel world keeping audiences engaged with your channel is hugely important.

"Alibi, UKTV’s crime drama channel, is taking an innovative approach to keeping audiences hooked in 2015 by creating a miniature crime series that the audience have to solve."