'Unashamedly elitist' Spectator launches ad campaign

LONDON - The Spectator has launched an advertising campaign to coincide with its 175th anniversary, which mocks The Economist in one ad and plays up to the magazine's snobby image with the slogan 'unashamedly elitist'.

The campaign is the first created by Clemmow Hornby Inge and aims to build brand awareness, leading to increased subscriptions and newsstand sales.

The brand idea builds on the magazine's long heritage and its status as an unashamedly opinionated and intelligent read, reflecting its own characteristics as well as those of its readers.

The campaign uses spoof subscription forms to convey its elite status.

Potential subscribers are asked their name and address, then asked the name of their social secretary and the title of the last book they wrote.

A second ad asks for a name and address before continuing in Latin.

A one-off ad spoofs the famous work for The Economist by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. It reads: "The Economist ... isn't that what my accountant reads?"

The ads will run in the national press, magazines, London Underground and on taxis. The agency has also created radio spots.

Johnny Hornby, CHI managing partner, said: "Unashamedly elitist sums up what's great about The Spectator -- it's clever writing for clever people."

The ads were written and art directed by Charles Inge.

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