Unilever to break Dove Men+Care ad in March

LONDON - Unilever is to support its new Dove Men+Care range with a TV campaign by Ogilvy starting in March - watch it now.

The Dove Men+Care range is Unilever's biggest brand launch this year and will be Dove's first body wash and antiperspirant deodorant range designed for men.

The Dove Men+Care TV ad is set to the William Tell Overture and aims to celebrate real men, their lives and the journey they have had to become comfortable in their own skin.

A spokesman from Unilever said the ad follows Dove Men+Care research which found that three quarters of men over 30 feel that advertising does not represent their real lives.

Paul Connell, brand manager of Dove Men+Care, said: "Dove is proud of its pioneering approach to women and with this new campaign for Dove Men+Care we now have a fresh approach to men as well."

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty began in 2004 when the Dove Firming campaign featured real, non-airbrushed women for the first time. The Dove Men+Care campaign has a different approach tailored specifically to men.

Connell said: "Dove is taking a light hearted approach and acknowledging the life events that help men become comfortable with who they are, without a cheesy grooming stereotype in sight."

The global campaign for the new line includes a nearly identical US ad that premiered during the Super Bowl last night.

The Super Bowl final of the National Football League is widely held to be the most watched ad break in the world and advertisers pay millions of dollars for a 30-second spot.