Unilever campaign celebrates feet, the 'unsung heroes'

Unilever has rolled out an ad for its new foot deodorant, Rexona Efficient (known as Sure in the UK), in a bid to tell the story of feet, the body's "unsung heroes".

The ad shows how hard-working feet can be, with footage of ballet dancers, soldiers in the trenches, a marathon runner, a man walking home through snow and a woman wearing strappy high heels.

It was made by Lowe and Partners agency Ponce Buenos Aires, the ad agency behind 'The Cleaner' campaign for Unilever’s Axe/Lynx brand earlier this year and the shop responsible for the Lynx Effect work.

The voiceover in the ad says, "We think the time has come to acknowledge [feet] by keeping them fresh and dry. The part of your body that sweats four times as much as your armpits. New Rexona Efficient. The protection you already trust. Now for your feet."

The ad breaks in Brazil this month and is likely to launch in the UK later. A spokeswoman for Unilever had not confirmed when the product will launch in the UK by the time of publication.

At Ponce Buenos Aires, the art director was Nacho Perez De Muro and the copywriter was Nicolas Chanseaud.

The ad was directed by 300ml, the Brazilian creative duo Manitou Felipe and Bernardo Dutra, at Park Pictures.

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